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To find a miraDry® physician, search by any of the criteria below, and then click Submit.

Physicians listed on “Find a Physician” are licensed medical professionals who provide independent medical advice and services. These individuals have completed the training course offered by Miramar Labs, which is necessary to begin treating patients with miraDry. They are not employed by Miramar Labs and have not paid a fee to be listed.

The order of appearance of a miraDry provider with a ZIP code or address search reflects the historical number of miraDry cases a provider has submitted and geographic proximity to the address input. The doctor list is not exhaustive, and there may be other miraDry-trained physicians in your ZIP code or area. The miraDry physician designations (e.g., Platinum, Gold, Silver, Certified Practice, Miramar Labs Advisory Board Member) are not recognized as specialty areas by the American Medical Association or any state medical board. If multiple miraDry Providers are associated with a single combined practice, the miradry physician designation reflects that of the physician with the most miraDry cases submitted.

The information provided by each doctor is not reviewed by Miramar for accuracy or completeness. It is your responsibility to independently determine if a particular provider is right for you. Please ask about the individual miraDry experience of any doctor you consider. Miramar makes no guarantee or assurance of any particular treatment outcome or that you will be eligible for miraDry treatment. Only a licensed medical professional who has completed miraDry training is qualified to determine if a miraDry treatment is right for you.